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I'm a tattoo artist in Helsinki and currently reside at Great Heron Tattoo - studio. I started my journey in tattooing in 2016 and have been creating tattoos full-time ever since. 


My work is not limited by one style, subject matter or technique — I like to keep my work versatile. I prefer to do medium to large scale work where I get to create detailed imagery with a nice flow and story telling elements.

Besides tattooing I greatly enjoy creating paintings too. I do both digital and traditional painting (my favourite medium is oils) and will gladly take on painting commissions once in a while. 

Feel free to send a message if you want to get some work done by me!

Keywords: illustrative, realism, neo traditional, color, black & gray, dotwork, blackwork, ornamental, portrait, linework


Vironkatu 10, Helsinki FINLAND

Open by appointment

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